Interactive Workshop

Leading the Shift from Domination to Partnership: An interactive workshop

I developed this half-day workshop based on Riane Eisler's dominator-partnership continuum for her Center for Partnership Studies.

Do you understand why the following is still true in the U.S.?

  • 90.4% of women's annual incomes are less than $49,000
  • 44.4% of men's annual incomes are more than $50,000
  • only 12 women ran U.S. Fortune 500 companies in 2008, and only 2 of those were women of color
  • most of us perpetuate Dominator Systems in our daily interactions

Learn about these issues and more as we explore Riane Eisler's new language of change in this 4-hour interactive workshop. Learn how you can lead the shift from domination to partnership in your community through mini-lectures interspersed with group activities. Our in-depth discussion of Eisler's dominator-partnership continuum will offer tools to help you apply partnership perspectives to real world challenges by:

  • de-mythifying feminism
  • learning more about how the dominator system costs us
  • exploring how gender identity is reflected in social institutions
  • learning about women and leadership
  • developing strategies for applying partnership perspectives in your daily activities

For more information, contact me at  mary55kirk at gmail dot com